Shortcuts to info on this website Could your kiting spot be affected?  Check out the map of Northland - and read the details... What are the reasons the bylaw is being reviewed?   I have never put in a submission before - I don’t know where to start...
2012 Navigational Safety Bylaw is changing   Northland Regional Council’s concerns  Proposed changes come in response to concerns about swimmers’ safety, therefore a new definition of ‘estuary’ and ‘estuary mouth’ is proposed to be included in the 2012 Navigational Safety Bylaw.  This is included to clearly spell out where some activities could be limited, such as kite-boarding at speeds above 5 knots close to shore. Why these concerns are ill-founded Since the birth of kiteboarding in Northland there have been only 13 complaints made to the Northland Harbour Master’s office in relation to kiteboarders.  11 of these 13 are from only two people, none of these 13 complaints have been upheld as a public safety concern.  Please see this link to the NRC’s filing on the subject. What you need to do to help save kiteboarding in Northland Please read through all the available information on this website and send a submission to the Northland Regional Council to reach them no later than 3pm, Friday 3 February 2012.
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We have tried to back up everything said on here with a link to the relevant information... A copy of an email to DOC from the Harbour Master that sums it all up. If you have any questions, want further information or would like to help in any way, please feel free to contact us.
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UPDATE  -  Thanks to all who submitted kiting is still allowed in Northland!   Download  the 2012 Navigational Safety Bylaw for further information. 
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